New Microchipping Rules

Did you know that the rules concerning microchipping changed?

Since 25th October 2019, cats and ferrets, as well as dogs, need to be microchipped and registered at SIAC.

-Dogs, cats, and ferrets born after 25th October 2019, need to be chipped and registered at SIAC by 4 months (120 days) of age. -Dogs born before 1st July 2008, and not yet chipped, have 1 year grace to do so. -Cats and ferrets born before 25th October 2019, and not yet chipped, have 3 years’ grace to do so. -Dogs, cats, and ferrets which are already chipped but not yet registered, have 1 year to register.

The previous databases, SIRA and SICAFE, will cease to exist. They are being taken over by a new database, SIAC. Animals currently registered at SIRA or SICAFE will have their details automatically transferred.

Newly-implanted chips will be registered at SIAC by the vet.

For more information, speak to your vet or visit

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